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Mosaic Plug-In Burner - The Sea
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Mosaic Plug-In Burner - The Sea
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Item #:93194
Regular price:$9.00
Sale price:$7.50

Perfect for kitchens and baths, this unique burner can melt one standard size wax potpourri or smaller wax pieces like Waffle Bars, Soy Beads, Mia Melts, Mixer Melts & Simmer Snaps. It plugs right into a socket without a cord and can also be used as a night light. Includes a removable wax bowl and a 25 watt specialty appliance bulb. Regular 25 watt bulbs for our metal and larger electric burners will not fit this item. On/off toggle switch. Not recommended for areas accessible to children and pets. Approximate size 5-1/2" height and 3" diameter.

This item is shipped in a printed color gift box. There is only one item per box. We apologize for the wording in our printed catalog, which has created some confusion with customers.


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